Sam Dennis – Vile Fate (2020)

Are you looking for a song packed with raw emotion and poetic lyrics? Combining a groovy RnB melody with artistic lyricism, Sam Dennis has just what you need in ‘Vile Fate’. The single was written during the early months of lockdown and melds his smooth vocals with a driving beat for an authentic and captivating sound.

The obsessive passion Dennis has for creating raw music can be clearly heard on the track. With a splash of perspective songwriting, he makes you want to get down to his sound. This single is just another reason why he has become a singer-songwriter to keep an eye on.

‘Vile Fate’ uses a groovy beat to grab your attention. The beats lightly pulse against your ears while an almost ambient sound warbles over them as a higher level. The groovy beats form the base of the melody and lead you through the single. Synth zing across the top levels of the melody and meld with the beats for a lush sound. The melody forms a solid foundation for Dennis’ smooth vocals. The different layers and elements combine perfectly and leave you feeling that there was no other way they could come together.

Over the groovy melody is Dennis’ smooth vocal performance. His soulful performance enhances the poetic lyricism of the single. He is able to slide against your ear after slicing through the melody. There is something captivating about his performance that holds its own against the groovy melody. It is very easy to listen to his performance as you ride the waves of the melody.

Sam Dennis combines driving beats and zinging synths only to wrap them in smooth vocals for the captivating ‘Vile Fate’. The single has a groovy beat that hooks you from the first moments and leads you through the track. Dennis’ vocals are smooth and effortless as he wraps you in his poetic lyricism.

Find out more about Sam Dennis on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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