Megan and Shane – Scars (2021)

As we go through life, we go through situations that cause wounds on both our bodies and souls. This is something that Megan and Shane consider in the aptly named single ‘Scars’. Packed with undeniable tragedy, the single stands out from the crowd due to the power of the emotive vocal performance. While the single is emotionally devastating at times, it showcases the strength needed to get through the darkest of times.

This hit to our emotions comes from the personal experiences of Megan and Shane Baskerville. Over the years, the duo has played almost every type of music out there from punk to bluegrass and country. Now, they are unleashing memoirs set to music through their debut album Daughter of Country that recount hard lessons and turning challenges into triumphs.

‘Scars’ has this wonderful country melody that has you swaying to the rhythm. You can feel the breeze of the open plains wash across your skin as you listen. The guitar and drums blend perfectly to form the solid foundation for the track. The steady movement of the music enhances the vocals and takes the performance to a new level. When the electric guitar calls through the soundscape, it urges you to close your eyes and allow yourself to be swept up in the movement. As the music drops for the vocals to shine, the delicate piano notes that enter reach into your chest and squeeze along with the vocals.

While the melody forms the foundation of the track, it is Megan’s vocals that are the real star of the show. As the lyrics detail the scars both physical and emotional that she has gained over the years, her delivery is utterly amazing. As she addresses the lesser scars of youth and growing up, she puts a small smile on your face. When the music drops, she hits you with painful emotion, with a precise strike to your heart that has you welling with emotion. This is truly a masterclass on emotive vocal performances that is as wonderful to listen to, as it is emotionally devastating.

Megan and Shane reach into your chest and squeeze through the extremely engaging, yet emotionally devastating, ‘Scars’. The music forms a country foundation for the vocals to draw you into remembering experiences. It is Megan’s vocals that hit you with the emotional sledgehammer of the track as she tackles the physical and emotional scars gained over a lifetime.

Find out more about Megan and Shane on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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