Aleksandra Denda – Inner I (2021)

While the tale of a hero’s journey is common, Aleksandra Denda is focusing on what happens to the hero emotionally as they set out and attain victory. ‘Inner I’ considers the inner transformation that takes place as they venture to unknown places, face challenges and return home victorious. Set to a fusion soundscape that blurs the lines between trip-hop, pop and jazz, the single delves below the surface for the emotional impact of an epic voyage.

Using her delicate soprano vocals, Denda looks at how even a hero can be broken down before they can build themselves back up. The important message woven into the single, coupled with the masterful melodics, lets you know why Denda has been receiving wide acclaim for her music. With success as a featured artist on the 2020 Grammy-nominated album ONA, she is moving from strength to strength, with no signs of stopping.

‘Inner I’ twinkles to life with a light undulating tone before the bass vibrates in the low levels. The layered melody is like a moving river with the light glittering off the surface. This turns into rolling beats that have you jogging through the woods of the soundscape. The change in tones throughout the track is masterful, as it moves from delicate to running, only to burst with bright lights. As the music pulses with light, your spirit is taken along for the ride and soars on warm air currents. Denda has crafted the building movement of the melody into a wonderful sonic journey that you have to undertake.

The journey of the melody is matched by the voyage of her vocals. She draws you into the track through the soft opening like mist twirling around your ankles to lead you down a forest path. There is something almost cinematic about her performance that enhances the power of the journey in the lyrics. The lyrics take a slightly different approach to the journey of the track as they focus on the emotions felt from trepidation to yearning and ending on a sense of strength. Through her performance, you experience the inner journey that many have gone through on a personal level, which is utterly amazing.

Aleksandra Denda takes you on an emotional sonic journey of breaking down and building yourself up in the aptly titled ‘Inner I’. The music moves from gentle to running, before bursting with light and strength. Her vocals match this movement, while packing the emotions of the track into your veins.

Find out more about Aleksandra Denda on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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