Megan Rutherford – Mind’s Eye (2020)

Megan Rutherford is an indie-folk artist currently based between Manchester and London. Growing up, she listened to music from different genres and combined this with her exposure to classic music to create her distinct tone. Her track ‘Mind’s Eye’ is part of a three debut single release that starts her exciting musical career.

The song draws on topics such as female fantasies, desire and oppression. It is an intriguing first release and works well with the other two singles, ‘That’s What Your Boyfriend Said’ and ‘Girl Without a Mind’.

‘Mind’s Eye’ captures you with the piano opening with echoing harmonies. The track has a simplicity to it as it is only a piano, Rutherford’s vocals and harmonies. However, the skilful arrangement of these three elements creates an intricate sound.

Rutherford’s vocals are low and haunting. They are complemented by the high and airy harmonising vocals throughout the track. The undulating piano line pulses with her vocals adding to the complexity of the song. The lyrics are compelling and reminiscent of Kate Bush.

Megan Rutherford is unparalleled on ‘Mind’s Eye’ as she combines undulating piano lines with her low vocal tones. She twists the music and lyrics into a gordian knot that tantalises your ears. With this being one of her debut tracks, I can hardly wait to hear what her compete album will be.

Find out more about Megan Rutherford on her Instagram and Spotify.

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