Carina Torres – The Way We Exist (2021)

There are times when you just want to listen to music that is raw, honest and steeped in compelling emotional storytelling. If you are in this mood, Carina Torres might just have the song that will satisfy your needs with ‘The Way We Exist’. This vulnerable pop ballad uses powerful yet stripped-back productions, honest lyrics and beautiful melodics to fill you with the emotion of the story.

The single is a delightful follow-up to her debut single ‘If I Knew You’ which started her musical journey through delicate and touching sounds. With more music on the way in the coming months, this single is a delightful reminder of why you want to keep your eye on her. Complementing her silken vocals with compelling melodies, she captures the imagination and sinks her hooks into you.

The delicacy of the opening of ‘The Way We Exist’ is touching and effortlessly floats into your senses. The light piano line offers the movement of the melody with a stripped-back beauty. The humming undertones that join it fortify the tenderness of the music. Joining the melody is a high backing vocal line that creates an ethereal layer to the music. As the song progresses, a clicking tone enters the melody to add a new depth. This does not detract from the stripped-back vibes of the music or the delicate tenderness. All it does is create a sense of more to the music that is utterly wonderful.

While the melody is stripped back, it offers a powerful foundation for Torres’ vocals. Her voice carries a vulnerability that touches something deep in your heart. At times, her voice has a pained call that wells in your throat before the sadness of the chorus hits you. There is a lot of emotion packed into each word of her performance that you can’t help but fall into. The lyrics carry a compelling story that is so easy to connect with and that is enhanced by the emotive vocals.

Carina Torres touches your heart with the tender vocals and powerful melodics of ‘The Way We Exist’. The stripped-back melody is a well of emotion that enhances the vulnerable vocals. With pained tones and beautiful movements, Torres’ vocals compel you down the storytelling lyrics.

Find out more about Carina Torres on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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