Melody & Madness – Omen (2020)

All of us have a darkness that lurks within feeding on our own negativity. Melody & Madness are shining a light on this darkness and celebrating it with their single ‘Omen’. Through the ambient sounds of the single, the horrors of our past, present and future are displayed leaving you feeling unsure in their looming presence.

This buffet of horror creeps out of the rock sound created by Adam Martin (vocals, keys, drums) and Dhuran Modha (guitar, bass, keys). Their heavier style of music kept them together after the disastrous end of a previous project. Dipping into their own negativity, they take control and mould these feelings into a journey into madness.

The guitar notes that open ‘Omen’ set a somewhat creepy tone from the start. The vibrating lines that warbling in the background add to the darkness as they draw you into the soundscape. The movement of the melody is wonderful as it creates a dynamic and rich soundscape full of soaring guitars with darker notes attempting to draw you down. The flow of the music swings to something heavier in the middle of the track after an exquisite build-up. The guitar riffs have you flying while the driving beats nip at your heels.

Martin’s vocals lead you through the journey of discovering the darkness within through spoken word delivery at the start. This is very effective as it captures your attention and is a wonderful contrast to the spookier vocals later in the single. In the latter end of the track, the harmonised vocals have a sense of horror to them as they fill you with an ominous and scared vibe. This swings into an almost metal delivery as a sense of acceptance of the darkness takes over.

Melody & Madness creep through the darkness within for an immersive trip into our own negativity in ‘Omen’. The melody builds up to a realisation of the darkness within before flinging you into a horrible acceptance. The vocals match this with a spoken word delivery that turns into a horror-filled realisation and ends with heavy acceptance.

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