Meresha – Look How Far (2020)

‘Look How Far’ by Meresha is one of those singles that have different messages based on how you take the melody and lyrics. On one hand, the song is all about finding new love. On the other, it is about how far she and the listener have come. Regardless of the message you take from the single, you will be blown away by this multi-instrumentalist and singer.

Her musicality has led her to her being the innovator of alien pop and the first in this genre. Combining her wide vocal range with some quirky sonic visions, she hits you with a wall of sound you have never heard before. If you are looking for pop music that is completely different from what you are used to, this is the song and artist for you.

‘Look How Far’ uses some deep beats that grab hold of your head and move it to get your attention. There is a very funky feeling to this song that mixes with the electronic and dance vibes. There is an infectious vibe to the melody that just makes you happy regardless of when you listen to it. The melody also has these movements that flow between different feelings highlighting the changes in the vocals. The interesting flow of the melody makes this song so different from other engaging music.

Meresha’s vocals add to the infectious vibe of the track. Her performance is unbelievable as you get drawn into the song and hear her wide range. There is a soulful flow to her performance, but this is balanced with an upbeat and lively sound that you can’t help but enjoy. At one point, the song swings down from the quirky sonic beats to something a little more melodic. This is when you really hear the power of Meresha’s vocals.

Meresha hits you with her unique and quirky alien pop sounds in the infectious ‘Look How Far’. The melody has this upbeat vibe that you get lost in. Her vocals have this amazing range and you can hear the power of her voice throughout the single.

Find out more about Meresha on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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