Mia Grace – Sleep (2021)

Mia Grace hooks listeners with the alluring tones of ‘Sleep’. Through the lush soundscape, she draws out subtle harmonies and dynamic percussion for a progressive melody that sweeps you off your feet. These melodic movements meet Grace’s ethereal vocals for an emotional and lush single. Through the single, she brings a vulnerability to her soundscape and a maturity that belies her years.

Having grown up around music as the daughter of Prince Be of P.M Dawn and Mary Serra, Grace has been working within the industry since she was a preteen. Drawing on the knowledge and insights she gained through the years, she merges different genres for a dynamic style. With the best elements of pop and RnB coming together, she cements her place in the music scene and on your favourite playlists.

The lush opening of ‘Sleep’ floats into the rolling beats and chattering notes that tumble through your ears. The melody has a really smooth RnB vibe that sinks with a delightful richness into your skin. There is a wonderful rhythmic feeling to the deep beats that hit in the centre of your chest. This is washed by the higher tones that create the currents for the vocals to fly on. Woven into the lush tones of the music is a sultry vibe that forms the perfect foundation for the emotive vocals.

Grace’s vocals mist over the melody and ride the currents of sound. There is an ethereal edge to her performance that seamlessly slides between the instrumentation. The harmonisations are subtly handled to increase the rich texture of the single. Each element of the track has been artfully crafted into an alluring, seductive and emotive track that gently fills your soul. While the vocal performance is motive from start to finish, there is an extra hit of vulnerability at the end that leaves you aching.

Mia Grace pulls the best elements of pop and RnB together for the emotive and seductive tones of ‘Sleep’. The melody uses dynamic flows from the tumbling percussion to the flying currents of sound. This creates the perfect foundation for Grace’s ethereal and sultry vocals.

Find out more about Mia Grace on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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