Natalie Gelman – 2020 (2020)

Most people were happy to see the end of 2020, saying farewell to everything the year encapsulated. If you are looking for an earworm that captures the spiral of the year and says goodbye to the negatives it evokes, ‘2020’ by Natalie Gelman is the song for you. While dipping into her plans that were derailed and railing against COVID deniers, she fills the folk-pop soundscape with everything we all want to say to the last year.

Written after falling down a rap rabbit hole, the single is for everyone who tried to keep to together while watching the world spiral. Through her music, she hopes to lift the spirits of those who have been weighed down by everything life has thrown at them.

‘2020’ strums into life with a blast of folk goodness before you bounce to the melody Gelman creates. The guitar-driven melody has a light lilt to it that gives you a touch of good vibes as you look to the future. The shuffling beats that come in for the chorus bolster this feeling as it matches the lyrics. The easy feeling of the music is a wonderful goodbye to a year that has been hard for a lot of people.

As the melody bounces along its merry way, Gelman’s dulcet tones smoothly draw you into the goodbye of the lyrics. Her performance starts with a sense of sadness as she looks at things she has been unable to do through the lyrics. This turns into a cheeky dig at anti-maskers before you slide into the chorus. The chorus has a fun vibe to it while making you want to sing along. The lyrics help you say farewell to all the bad of the year while offering a sense of hope of the future.

Natalie Gelman bids farewell to the negatives of 2020 while looking optimistically to the future in her single ‘2020’. The bouncing melody has a fun vibe to it that matches the somewhat cheeky lyrics. Gelman’s vocals are a smooth goodbye that slides against your ears while saying everything you want to the past year.

Find out more about Natalie Gelman on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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