Euan Blackman – 24 Hours 7 Days (2021)

Budding singer-songwriter Euan Blackman explores the pain of long-distance relationships in his latest dreamy bedroom-recorded track ‘24 Hours 7 Days’. The 19-year-old musician wrote and produced the introspective song in his bedroom studio over lockdown. The sleepy song gently enters the ears with the faint sound of finger-picked guitar melodiously dripping along like candied rain. Euan’s softly sung double-tracked vocals are lush and airy delivered effortlessly as he sings, “Some days I wake up and I just don’t want to move, my head feels cold and heavy like a statue in the Louvre.”

His voice and words evoke the inward-looking, brooding musings of indie-rock/folk hero Elliot Smith. Like Elliot, Blackman’s lyrics flow like a brook meandering over the difficulties of living apart from love and home. There is a comfort to the song in every inch of its production. It carries along with joyous charm, growing steadily in sound and emotion. It’s not long before the tune is filled with a chorus of drums and gorgeous layers of guitar.

The magical track was written in January during a difficult pandemic year for many. Blackman said of the song, “It was all self-produced and recorded in my childhood bedroom, so it has this warm organic feel to it like a representation of my own true self. Lyrically, it comes from a feeling of isolation, of going through lockdown, of people you miss and memories. I just want to create music that is comforting, the soundtrack to your Sunday morning coffee, your rainy drive out to the petrol station, warm like a welcome hug.”

‘24 Hours 7 Days’ has been spun by Dave Monks on BBC Radio Merseyside and has gathered notable praise from serious artists and radio DJ’s including Jack Saunders (BBC Radio 1), Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), Benjamin Francis Leftwich (Dirty Hit), Beaux (Dirty Hit), Ewan J Phillips and many more.

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