Mia Mormino – Rapunzel (2021)

With the intimacy of Lady Gaga, the attitude of Ariana Grande and inventiveness of Billie Eilish, Mia Mormino is an innovative and enchanting US-based pop singer. Focusing primarily on elements of self-empowerment, Mormino aims to engage with listeners on an intimate level. Featured in Surviving The Golden Age, Hertz Magazine, Keep Walking Music and several playlists, the up and coming pop artist is reaching audiences on an international level. Following a rather busy 2020, Mormino blasts into 2021 with her singles ‘Mile High Romance’ and ‘Rapunzel’ – we are taking a look at the latter.

Continuing the conceptual single series looking at the seven deadly sins, ‘Rapunzel’ is a sonic representation of envy. Smoother and more languid than her previous single ‘Mile High Romance’, ‘Rapunzel’ has an empathic sincerity to it. Melodically, the single uses an acoustic-inspired approach incorporating basic piano with Mormino’s soaring vocals. Very easy on the ears, the ballad wraps you in a comfortable blanket of sound; however, there is a far more melancholic quality to the seemingly hopeful tune.

Looking at envy, ‘Rapunzel’ exposes issues of…well, envy. The desire to be another person irrespective of your own beauty. Written during an age of social media where we are constantly compared to others, the song exposes toxic trends, self-doubt, inner turmoil and the need for acceptance. In addition to the enchanting melody, Mormino’s honey-filled voice adds an intense poignancy with its raw honesty and tenderness. Yet, while there is a sadness to the track there is also lingering empowerment in the haunting single.

“I wrote this song in hopes of connecting with the millions of people who feel worthless particularly due to the appearance of others. In a world that revolves around social media it’s nearly impossible to avoid the toxic facades thrown our way every single day.” – Mia Mormino on ‘Rapunzel’

In addition to the anthemic single, Mormino released an official music video for ‘Rapunzel’. While a simplistic video matches the simplistic sounding track, there is a profoundness in the visual making it far more thought-provoking. Gazing into the mirror, approaching the “Rapunzel” and twirling about with a broken mirror in the end, Mormino exposes the fragility of people dealing with self-doubt. Engaging and very easy to watch, the video has its own sense of anthemic enchantment.

For more from Mia Mormino check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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