Atem S – Sweet People (2021)

Missing someone is something that most people have felt at some point, particularly with the pandemic. Atem S with the help of the artist collective By Proxy Music is touching on missing someone while hoping that they are also missing you in ‘Sweet People’. With lyrics that have been made more relatable by the pandemic, he considers how far you feel from people while offering a touch of lighthearted hope.

Written while he was alone and holed up for the winter, the single brings feelings of loneliness to light before trying to chase them away with some good vibes. He wrote the music and lyrics before Harrison from By Proxy Music laid down the piano and synths. Bringing something that is tender and relatable, he has you chilling to his sound.

‘Sweet People’ hits you with a wave of synths from the start. You are easily caught up in the warbling brightness of the synth-drenched melody before the piano comes in. The organic piano line is a delicate thread against the waves of synths giving you a moment to breathe. There is a very soothing feeling to the melody that eases the edges of negative emotions and desperate longing. The interplay between electronic and organic melodics is captivating and create this sonic bed that you want to sink into.

Atem’s vocals have a light vibe as they dance over the melody. His voice has a sombre edge that fills you with an aching yearning for people who are not around. This is beautifully tempered with a brightness that chases the darkness of missing someone away. It is a really interesting single that fills you with longing for someone, the hope they miss you and the uncertainty of the future.

Atem S fills you with a longing for someone who is not around while contemplating the effects of missing people in ‘Sweet People’. With a melody that plays electronic tones off organic notes, he has you breathing a little easier. His vocals fill you with the emotions of the track while asking some questions that really get you thinking.

Find out more about Atem S on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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