Michael Lane – Coming Home (2020)

There is nothing quite like that feeling you get when you come home. This is the basis of Michael Lane’s new single ‘Coming Home’, but it is much more than just this. Not only does it capture the feeling of heading home, but it also looks at the sense of being in a place you consider a sanctuary. Drawing on his experience of moving a lot of as a child, Lane uses his folk-pop sound to create a relaxing space where you can feel at ease.

Having overcome many harsh realities of life, Lane infuses warmth and comfort into his music. The positivity of his soundscape helps to lead you back to what is really important in life and shed the frivolity that draws you away. Taking on both the positive and negative emotions of coming home, he creates a unique single complete with a homecoming video.

‘Coming Home’ has this soft opening that gains strength with a folky guitar line. The easiness of the melody draws you into the softness of the track. As you listen, you are infused with the warm feelings of being at home after a long time away. The beat that comes in later adds a sense of a heartbeat to the melody. This is wonderful when combined with the lyrics that make you think about how the sense of home is where your heart is.

Lane’s vocals add to the warm space the melody creates. While his vocals flow against you like satin, there is a warmth to them that is heartfelt and honest. You can easily fall back into his vocals and know that they will catch you. His performance is infused with all the positive feelings you have when you head home and are able to relax in a place you consider safe and your own.

The music video for ‘Coming Home’ has a very Americana vibe to it as Lane is first shown walking next to a cornfield. The gentle light in the background adds to the warm feelings of the lyrics. While a relatively simple video featuring Lane walking while singing, there is something about it that makes it warm and authentic. You can’t help but get into the vibes of the track as you watch Lane walking to what you assume is home.

Michael Lane fills you with the warmth of ‘Coming Home’ by creating a relaxed and safe space with his music. The gentle melody and folky vibes of the single draw you in as his vocals fill you with warmth.

Find out more about Michael Lane on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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