Michael Wilford ft Elijah Quinn – Esraela (2022)

Through the swaggering grooves and crooning vocals of ‘Esraela’, Michael Wilford looks to capture the feeling of being in a long-term relationship. Pairing his songwriting and instrumentation with the crooning way of Elijah Quinn’s vocals, Wilford has created a timeless yet contemporary love song. Telling the tale of love from the first meeting, the single takes us through years of affection.

Based on real-life love stories that Wilford has witnessed, the track has been years in the making. Since the idea of the single first came to life, it has taken on many different styles and sounds before landing in the swaggering grooves of its current state. A two-time finalist at the International Songwriting Competition, Wilford is able to marry the romanticism of old love songs with a contemporary shine.

‘Esraela’ comes to life with the slap of the drums, followed by a really groovy guitar twang. There is a groovy vibe to the drums that you can’t deny and you are going to be full-body bopping to the sound. The swagger of the drums meets the siren’s call of the guitars that sink hooks into your brain and muscles. It is an addictive melody that you are easily swept into. There is a touch of something retro in the melody, but this is brought to a sparkling shine by the contemporary vibes of the instrumentation. At times, the melody edges toward anthemic, before sliding into the smoothness of timelessness. The guitar riff later in the track is an absolute pleasure to listen to and you may just find yourself air guitaring to it as you fly out on the threads it leaves in the sky.

As you are getting down to the melody, Quinn’s whisky warm crooning vocals slide perfectly against your skin. The harmonising backing vocals take his performance to another level before the chorus has you falling further under the spell of the track. Through his performance you can feel the embers of affection first spark into a fire, only to be fed more kindling as the relationship and single progresses. The lyrics tell us about the first meeting between the narrator and Esraela before taking our hand and leading us down the journey of their relationship. By the end of the single, you are going to be longing to be close to someone you love and just spend time with them while shutting the rest of the world out.

Michael Wilford teams up with Elijah Quinn for the addictive crooning and swaggering sway of ‘Esraela’. Together they perfectly blend crooning vocals, contemporary tones and the timelessness of love songs. It is impossible to listen to this song and not feel the urge to sway and get down to the grooving rhythm.

Find out more about Michael Wilford on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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