WiL – I’m Sorry (2022)

Admitting that you were wrong and apologising can be hard in any relationship, but this is an important step to take in reconciling. This is something WiL weaves into the sweet and apologetic tones of his aptly titled single ‘I’m Sorry’. Taking a step away from his usual guitar skills, he uses a piano-driven melody to highlight that bad moments will come but saying sorry is an important step in overcoming them.

The first single off his sixth studio album, the track adds to his growing catalogue of music that has become a soundtrack for many people. Through all his songs, he has something important to say that we should all take the time to listen to. Tender, stripped-back and beautiful, this single will have you diving into his music and maybe finding the soundtrack you need right now.

The easy roll of the drums and stripped back piano line that opens ‘I’m Sorry’ has you sinking into the single. It is a tender and touching melody that has an evening feeling to it. The jitter of tones that dance between the notes is like city lights sparkling through the rain on a window. It is a really rich melody that is made powerful by the relative spareness. Each instrument gently walks through your senses bringing an authentic touch and sweetness. The beauty of the melody allows the vocals to really shine and the message of the lyrics to hit home. Throughout the single, the movement of the piano pushes the apologetic threads of the single and touches your heart with the honesty of the track.

Against the stripped back melody, WiL’s vocals call out with an honesty that squeezes your heart. The opening verse is packed with the want to understand what has gone wrong while acknowledging that there was a fault. It is a sweet apology that sets the tone for the rest of the single. The smooth flow of his performance is like a confession in the dark night that leads to a tentative hope. This hope is like a gentle flicker of fire in the distance that you are moving toward through the apology. While there is an apology resting at the heart of the single, there is also a deep love woven into each word. The delicate tenderness of the emotions is amazing and really showcases the prowess of WiL’s musicality.

WiL uses a stripped back melody, honest apology and authentic emotional threads to fill you with the sweet and beautiful feelings of ‘I’m Sorry’. While the melody is stripped back, the relative spareness bolsters the emotions of the track. WiL’s vocals are smooth and honest as they bring regret, apologies and the sweetness of love.

Find out more about WiL on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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