Michelle – Rough Cut (2021)

Typically working as a songwriter for other artists, singer-songwriter Michelle has her own material to share. Influenced by the likes of Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette, Michelle adds an edgy attitude to her folk-rock music. Born in a small Canadian town, the UK-based artist resides in London and has collaborated with several artists throughout the city. Yet, it is her authentic solo project that puts her on our radar.

The first single since 2019, ‘Rough Cut’ is a fusion of folk and alternative rock with some grunge undertones. Previously leaning toward a pop sound, particularly with the collaborative projects ‘Let You In’ and ‘Let’s Collide’, Michelle showcases the grittier side of her personality. A guitar-driven track, ‘Rough Cut’ is filled with empowerment, optimism and acceptance of oneself. In fact, Michelle refers to the song as being “about fighting the urge to polish yourself down to fit a mould…being okay with being a little rough around the edges and embracing our imperfections”.

Adopting the style of Meredith Brooks, Alanis Morissette and even Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michelle floods ‘Rough Cut’ with girl power forcefulness. The track is acoustic-inspired, but the incorporation of pounding drums with her soothing guitar infuses a sense of rocker to the single. Yet, while there is a hard-hitting element to ‘Rough Cut’, the intimate lyricism helps make her music more personal. It is as if you are being cuddled by an older sister and told everything is going to be alright if you love yourself.

Featured by BBC Introducing, Michelle is reaching a wide audience on the UK scene; however, the evocative ‘Rough Cut’ ensures future success on an international level. I mean, she has already made it across Europe to reach my desk. In my opinion, Michelle is a rising star and is definitely one to watch.

For more from Michelle check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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