The Heavy North – Darkness in Your Eyes (2021)

Intimacy and affection are two things that many people seek, but they sometimes look in the wrong place. Through their single ‘Darkness in Your Eyes’, The Heavy North touches on the feelings of loneliness that leads to craving affection and searching for it from the wrong people. They also touch on recognising desperation in other people and trusting your own instincts to know when others are not themselves.

While the band has been unable to play live since supporting Temples, Saint Agnes and Cut Glass Kings on their UK tour dates, they have been busy making music. This is the first release since their EP last year and offers a taster for their upcoming album. Making a name for themselves outside their home of Liverpool, the band is definitely one that you should keep an eye on.

‘Darkness in Your Eyes’ rolls you into the soundscape with an infectious drum and guitar opening. There is no way to get around the way the music sinks its teeth into you. The rolling pace eases slightly on the verses only to pick up the pace for the chorus for a swell of sound. The crashing drums and addictive guitar have your spirits rising with their sound. It is a wonderful layering of music that fills you with the energy of the band. There are also some blistering guitar solos that are an utter pleasure to listen to.

The power of the melody is wonderfully complemented by the vocals. There is a bluesy rock vibe to the vocals that slide through your senses and sinks the hooks of the track further into your skin. As the vocals fill your brain, they pull you into the lyrics that detail searching for affection. The blues edge of the performance adds this new dimension to the music that brings the darker side of searching for affection to the song.

The Heavy North fill you with infectious melodies and bluesy vocals as they bring the dark side of searching for affection to your ears in ‘Darkness in Your Eyes’. Every element of the single sinks its hooks into you and you never want to pull the talons out. The melody is packed with addictive guitar riffs and rolling drums while the vocals slide against your senses in the best way.

Find out more about The Heavy North on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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