Micky – Northstar (2020)

Life is a journey and each interaction impacts who we are as people. This journey is what ‘Northstar’ by Micky is all about. Using his personal experience of building a company and career as an artist as the foundation, he looks at all the challenges we face along the road to who we are. The song also catalogues the development of patience and moving forward despite setbacks. The motivational messaging in the track is something that a lot of people need right now.

Drawing on his influences of Motown classics to old-school rock, Micky hits you with his relatable lyricism. Conjuring various emotions, he takes you through the ups and downs of life. By the end, you are reminded of the value of hope, hard work and resilience.

‘Northstar’ captures your attention with deep synths that pulse through you. There are a few layers to the melody that work together forming an intricate mixture of synths and beats. These elements have a driving momentum that keeps you moving much like the constant movement of life. The steady pace of the melody is wonderful as it provides you with a solid foundation for the rest of the single. Later in the single, the driving beats give way for a lighter tone that lifts your spirits.

Micky’s vocals have an autotune tone to them which allows them to meld with the other electronic elements of the melody. This creates a cohesion for the song. While his vocals have an electronic edge, he is still able to wrap you in emotions. His relatable lyrics play a role in this, but his performance itself is emotive. The movement of the vocals and melody work together to enhance the emotional impact of the track.

Micky takes you on a journey of resilience, hard work and hope as he charts a course through life in ‘Northstar’. This electronic pop song combines multiple layers of synths and electronic edged vocals to lead you down the path of life.

Find out more about Micky on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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