Nicole Chambers – I’m Fine (2020)

‘I’m Fine’ by Nicole Chambers is a simmering RnB encapsulation of saying you are fine when you are really not. Inspired by her own suppression of emotions and the realisation that everyone in her groups of friends did the same, she encourages us to let go. Through the song, she tells us that while emotions are heavy and messy, it is okay to not be okay. Regardless of what you are feeling, it is valid and you should not bottle them up.

The single precedes Chambers’ upcoming album Voice of a Virgo and gives you a taste of her refined sound. Using her technical and songwriting skills honed by studying jazz at college, she uses honest and emotive lyrics to captivate you. The swirling neo-soul sounds of her music will wrap around you like a warm blanket and ensure you know that what you are feeling is okay.

‘I’m Fine’ gets the soulful vibes going with a piano line that has this amazing depth. Shuffling tones enter over this piano line to give the melody some more rhythm and pace. There is an amazing mixture of soul and RnB in the melody with slower acoustics and faster complementing beats. You can’t help but sway to the smooth notes while the beats make you want to move your head to them. The melody is packed full of instrumentation that melds into this decadent soulful blend.

Over this is Chambers’ vocals which have this Erykah Badu vibe to them. However, there is a smoothness to her voice that slides into your ears and will not budge. Her performance moves from classic RnB to a swelling neo-soul. As you get lost in her voice, she works through acting like you are fine when you are not. She moves from this emotional suppression to acknowledging that she is not okay. At the end of the song, she leaves you feeling that you can address your emotions.

Nicole Chambers uses a soulful slice of RnB to let you know that suppressing your emotions is not right in ‘I’m Fine’. The melodic arrangement has amazing artistry drawing on neo-soul and classic RnB. Her vocals top everything off with their smooth delivery and honest portrayal of emotional wellbeing.

Find out more about Nicole Chambers on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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