MileHi – to love & lie (2021)

When MileHi chatted with us last year, we gained an amazing insight into his exploration of the ambiguity of life and his early morning sound. He is now focussing more sharply on the single issue of relationships through ‘to love & lie’. The single revolves around the idea that we sometimes settle for less than we deserve and fall into toxic relationships that cause us to be less of who we really are.

With a mix of rock and RnB, MileHi looks at spiralling negativity, a lack of self-worth and a loss of self. The single continues the contemplative vibes of his music and the complex balancing act of modern society. An artist who really gets you thinking through his emotive music, MileHi shows why you should be paying attention to him.

‘to love & lie’ has a deep melody that washes you with dark tones and a creeping sense of something coming. The darkness of the music is a wonderful sonic representation of the negativity many people face while the roiling beats have you rolling through the soundscape. There is a heavy hit of RnB in the melody that has a delightful modern edge and a touch of vibrating bass. While there are a few layers to the melody, they merge together for a solid river of sound that has you drifting to the emotions of the track. The guitar riff in the latter parts of the single is amazing and adds a new vibe to everything.

As you roll down the soundscape, the vocals draw you into the story of the song. The opening vocals line delves into dependence and touches on toxic masculinity. There is a wonderfully smooth flow to the vocals that you can’t help but fall in love with. Throughout the track, the vocals highlight a lack of self-worth while contemplating the situation of the single. It is really masterful how the different elements of the vocals and lyrics have been balanced to create a reflective single that does not carry any judgment but still gets you thinking.

MileHi dives into bad relationships, the effects of toxic masculinity and spiralling negativity in the smooth tones of ‘to love & lie’. The melody is a solid river of sound that takes you through the soft rapids of emotion. His vocals are smooth and packed with reflective vibes while giving listeners an insight into the thoughts of the moment.

Find out more about MileHi on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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