MilkMan – Tuna for Dinner (FMHA) (2021)

When some people enter a relationship they are filled with the certainty that it will be forever, but there are others who know it will eventually come to an end. The feeling of knowing that the relationship will eventually end has been wrapped up in the fusion sounds of ‘Tuna for Dinner (FMHA)’ by MilkMan. Through the single, he brings the existential dread this can cause while trying to help you work through it.

As his debut single, it introduces you to the mix of garage rock and indie pop that makes up his sound. Brought to life by the musical skills of Eric Schwartz, the song is wonderfully honest and authentic in its exploration of something that many people have faced. Completely self-recorded and mastered, it brings an organic approach to music that is wonderful to hear.

‘Tuna for Dinner (FMHA)’ bubbles and warbles to grab your attention before throwing you into an interesting melody. There is a rather lo-fi vibe to the music that gives you a delightful authentic flow. You can just imagine Schwartz playing this song in his room as he contemplates the crisis he is going through. The waves and washes of the synths bring a touch of retro to the music while the rolling drums add an indie rock vibe. It is a wonderfully blended melody that has you shimmying and swaying to it.

The existential crisis woven into the lyrics and vocals comes through from the very first moment. You can almost touch the feeling of confusion in the opening that slides into the knowledge that a relationship is going to come to an end. Through the lyrics, Schwartz is able to bring a feeling that has left a lot of people reeling to words that are really relatable. His vocal delivery makes you want to lie back on your bed and just let the emotional turmoil he is going through wash over you as you float on the vibes.

MilkMan takes an existential crisis and turns it into a ridiculously catchy single in ‘Tuna for Dinner (FMHA)’. With the blended melody, he has you riding a hit of retro vibes covered in more modern indie pop and rock sensibilities. The vocals fill you with a sense of confusion while channelling existential dread into relatable lyrics.

Find out more about MilkMan on his Instagram and Spotify.

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