Molosser – Unsolid (2021)

Molosser are venturing down a darker path with the folky tones of ‘Unsolid’. Weaving intricate vocals over some hypnotic tones, they have you wandering through a soundscape that is quite unlike anything else you might be listening to. While continuing their genre-defying style, they bring down-tuned acoustic guitars to original arrangements and captivating vocals.

The darker dance around the intimate relationship of two guitars comes from Tess (guitar, vocals, drums) and Jahn (guitar). Together they make up the band while also sharing a life outside the musical venture living at a small farm in Sweden. Between them, they bring a wide range of musical experience from pop to grunge, noise rock to improvised jazz. All of this is thrown into a melting pot of sound to create the unique strains of Molosser.

‘Unsolid’ pulls you in with an almost ominous vibe to the single guitar in the opening. As the second guitar enters the darkness only seem to rise higher and higher. The drums shuffle against the guitars like fingers grasping at your ankles. While the melody has a darkness and ominous vibe to it, there is an interesting almost light feeling that comes through at times. It is like you are walking along a darkened path with only the moon to light your way but know that nothing bad will happen. The guitar riffs that come through are addictive as they slink into your brain to sink their hooks into you.

Tess’ vocals have an intimate feeling to them as she huskily floats over the melody. Her performance is really interesting as it walks the line of whispered intimacy and growling calls. The vocals are a perfect accompaniment to the genre-defying flow of the melody. While the lyrics pull you into the story of the track, they are not really the star here. That is the melody that brings more emotion and depth to the song than you can imagine.

Molosser have you waltzing down a darkened path through the genre-defying tones of ‘Unsolid’. There is a creeping ominous feeling to the music that is tempered by a lightness in the guitar lines. This is met by the dynamic movement of the vocals that pull you further into the hypnotic flows of the single.

Find out more about Molosser on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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