Miranda Glory – Comeback Queen (2021)

There are a lot of times when we all wish to have a sassy retort when having to deal with the wishful thinking of others. While we can’t always come up with something ourselves, we might have to take to listening to ‘Comeback Queen’ by Miranda Glory instead. With a blend of contemporary RnB and synth-pop, the single is a satisfy slapdown of late-night requests from exes and offers everything you wish you could say.

While Glory has written for a number of artists, her solo work captures her unique voice which is equal parts vulnerable and strong. With amazing versatility, she sends shivers down your spine while ensuring that you have a great time. Drawing on her heritage and personal experiences, she has you feeling at ease while getting down to her sound.

‘Comeback Queen’ combines RnB with synth tones for a soulful wave of sound in the opening. There is a richness in the melody that hints at a tale of untold depths. On the chorus, there is a pulse and cascade of tones that make your shoulders move whether you want them to or not. Beneath the avalanche of sound is that sultry richness that comes back for the second verse. This merges with clicking tones and vibrating bass for a really engaging soundscape.

The sultry slide of the melody enhances the smoothness of Glory’s vocals. Through her performance, you are hit with a vulnerability as she details getting late-night texts from an ex. This turns into a dismissive amusement at their antics on the chorus as her voice rises against the burst of melodics. Through the rest of the track, that amusement remains and is woven into pointing out everything that was given up. There is something cathartic about her performance that fills you with strength.

Miranda Glory has you feeling empowered through the amusement laced into ‘Comeback Queen’ as she considers late-night texts from an ex. The sultry and soulful melody offers a wonderful richness that slides against her smooth vocals. Her performance has a touch of vulnerability at first before sliding into a place of power.

Find out more about Miranda Glory on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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