Jodi Heights – The Iceberg (2022)

Soul-stirring and hypnotic, singer-songwriter Jodi Heights can easily ensnare your senses with her unique sound. I could compare her to Sarah McLachlan with the intimacy of Joni Mitchell, but this is not necessarily fair to all the artists. Standing out from the rest, Heights uses her classical training to make an impact with her evocative music. It seems I am already a fan, and perhaps I am, but The Other Side Reviews is not the only publication to sing Heights’ praises. Featured on Sinusoidal Music, Edgar Allan Poets, Karl Is My Unkle, Roadie Music and iHeart Radio (to name just a few), this songstress is reaching audiences worldwide. The latest addition to her discography is ‘The Iceberg’.

Not afraid to take on controversial issues, Jodi Heights explores the topic of climate change in ‘The Iceberg’. Following her well-received track ‘White Knight’, the new single has a smoother, more flowing melody. As simplistic as ‘White Knight’ (read our review here), Heights reaches out to audiences with an intimate intensity. A piano-driven track, ‘The Iceberg’ has an acoustic-inspired surrealism; however, the incorporation of drums and guitars seems to add a heavier foundation to the wistful soundscape.

Unlike ‘White Knight’ which was inspired by fan art from a gig-goer, ‘The Iceberg’ examines more relevant environmental crises. What I find intriguing is how Heights uses fantastical themes to capture audiences in both of these songs. Using a storytelling narrative, we are introduced to how our behaviour is worsening the issue of climate change. Jodi Heights shares that “Taking on a subject as charged as climate change is a bit daunting….so I opted to tell a story instead. The scene takes place in a classroom with an alien teacher narrating. It’s a dispassionate presentation on extinct species with the central question being “how we can learn from the mistakes humans made and avoid the same fate?”

People often consider songs about current affairs provocative and, sometimes, judgemental; however, Heights takes this in her stride. She notes that “…when writing about current issues, it’s so easy for the lyrics to become preachy or angry…rather than an argument for change, the resulting song explores what would happen if humans didn’t do anything to fix the damage they had caused to Earth.”

Powerful and emotive, ‘The Iceberg’ has a laidback appeal with a significant message. I already adore Jodi Heights and I am thrilled with this interesting take on the consequences of climate change.

For more from Jodi Heights check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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