Mirjam Catal – The Truth (2020)

While a new drop in the ocean that is the music industry, Austrian singer-songwriter Mirjam Catal is making waves with her unique sound. A natural talent, Catal is an award-winning artist with coverage on a national and international show with features in Musikiathek, Female Voices and Radio Wigwam. Collaborating with her older brother and lyricist YKO, Catal blends alternative pop with R&B undertones in her songs. The latest addition to her discography is ‘The Truth’.

The fourth single from Mirjam Catal, ‘The Truth’ is just over three minutes of melodic bliss. Touching on the topic of falling in love, Catal’s endearing vocals carry YKO’s lyrics to create a harmonious and haunting experience. Known for stringing modern beats over meaningful lyrics, ‘The Truth’ is a ballad that deals with complex emotions using steady sonic simplicity.

While some love songs are merely words attached to a nice tune, ‘The Truth’ is a great deal more. Combining the pop power for Fergie with heartfelt force of Avril Lavigne, Mirjam Catal breathes life into the pop music scene with her breathy and dreamy vocals. Overall, I just love the track and can’t wait for more from this siren.

For more from Mirjam Catal check out her Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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