Mirjam Catal – Nightlights (2021)

A helping hand can go a long way, but there is only so far they can lead if we are not willing to use their support to help ourselves. This is an important message that has been woven into the thoughtful single ‘Nightlights’ by Mirjam Catal. Telling the story of a man who has lost himself, the nightlights are the doors left open by the people who love him. While they can lead him to comfort, these lights cannot make him walk through the open doors.

This rather intense message is delivered with the delicacy that Catal has showcased over past releases. Written by her older brother YKO, Catal brings the story of the man to sonic life with a bittersweet and melancholic tone. The power of her vocal presence has been gaining her an impressive following and this autumnal ballad will seal the deal for many listeners.

‘Nightlights’ brings a late-night RnB sound to the melody through the rolling drums. There is a slow creep to the music that gently leads you into the soundscape. The melancholy of the single is woven into the musical line that leads you to a wash of piano tones. The merger of the RnB rolls and the delicacy of the piano is wonderful and adds to the emotion of the track. Through the delicate touch of the melody, you are pulled into the dark night where the lights try to draw you back to a moment of comfort.

While the melody is great, it is outshone by Catal’s vocals. Her voice is a light touch on your senses as she brings the story of the lyrics to life. There is a bittersweet edge to her performance that really shines on the chorus. There is a heart-rending sadness to the chorus as she calls out to the man who is out in the dark. The power of her performance is really the way that she infuses emotion into each word while imparting the message of the track. As you listen, you are filled with both sides of the story as you reach out for someone on the chorus only to struggle to take the support offered through the verses.

Mirjam Catal delicately pulls you into the story of ‘Nightlights’ as she brings both sides of the tale to emotive sonic glory. The melody leads you through the soundscape but it is really her vocals that make the single. She has a tender touch to her performance that brings bittersweet melancholy to the lyrics and the two sides of the story she has to tell.

Find out more about Mirjam Catal on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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