Victoria Sponge – Talk About Tonight (2021)

Victoria Sponge is back with potentially their most exciting track yet. ‘Talk About Tonight’ takes listeners through the highs and lows of a night spent out on the town. Packed with the vibrant energy of having a great time, the single is fun and lively filling you with good vibes and bright energy that lifts your spirits and gets you excited for life.

While the single contains the upbeat vibes of their last, ‘Devil’s Tool’, the band takes a step back from the creepy vibes. Continuing their infectious sound that blends blues with alternative rock, they keep you dancing to their groove. With fewer struggles and more fun, this is a bright spot in any playlist that gets you bouncing and smiling.

‘Talk About Tonight’ draws you in with a wonderful drum line and vibrating bass that thrums over it. There is a slightly bluesy feeling to the music that takes a more alternative rock turn as it bursts throughout the single. The melody has an easy vibe to it that you can sink into just like a night spent having fun with friends. There is something in the music that hooks you and gets your foot tapping to it. As the single progresses, you are filled with more and more energy that makes you want to bounce around the room. It is interesting because the music is not very fast but paced perfectly to get you lost in it.

The vocals bring their own energy to the track as they gently lure you into the song. The smooth pull of the opening gets a light echo before slipping into a sliding easiness. Through the performance, you can almost see the city at night while you navigate it with a group of friends. While the lyrics are descriptive, they have an interesting structure that allows your imagination to take over and fill in the blanks with your own memories.

Victoria Sponge keeps you hooked with their infectious melodies, smooth vocals and memory-evoking lyrics in ‘Talk About Tonight’. The track has an easy vibe to it as you move through the ups and downs of a night out. The bluesy rock sound of the band perfectly captures the energy of these times while drawing out your own memories of nights out.

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