Miss Elm – Love Inside (2020)

‘Love Inside’ by Miss Elm was born in the midst of lockdown, love and isolation. A testament to discovering strength and wisdom within while finding joy, the single also brings an understanding that we are not alone. Tapping into the experience of participating in a new online dating show, Miss Elm explores the idea of being connected while alone and opening yourself to love while being physically isolated from others.

As a follow-up to her EP The Shape of Light, this single is an exploration of the duality of life right now. The single continues the honest storytelling Miss Elm has become known for. Her eclectic sound and impressive range let the stripped back melodies of her music pierce your heart and settle there.

‘Love Inside’ has a very surf vibe in the opening with the stripped back melody. The ukulele-driven melody has a few layers that set you on an airy and light path. There is a quirky vibe to the melody as the notes pluck their way across your ears. However, the flow of the music has you lightly swaying to it and floating into the soundscape. While relatively simple and stripped back, there is a captivating thread that wraps around you and gets you lost within the music.

Over the melody is Miss Elm’s vocals. There is an easy vibe to her performance as she encourages you to cut loose and explore. Through the peaceful vibe of her vocals, you are filled with a sense of strength that comes from deep within. The single is very motivating without you even realising it. Her vocal range is also on display as she takes you through the rise and fall of exploring your emotions and finding strength.

Miss Elm fills you with a magical sense of strength and exploration through the whimsical single ‘Love Inside’. The stripped-back melody is captivating and wraps around you before her vocals hit. Her performance is effortless and draws you further into her sound.

Find out more about Miss Elm on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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