MOLTENO – Element 1 (2022)

The world is full of contrasts and this is exactly what MOLTENO showcases in her EP Element 1. Using a dreamy sound, she takes us on a journey of beauty and destruction as she delves into the contrasts of the element of fire. Across the five tracks, she celebrates the destructive yet illuminating power of fire, while considering our connection with nature.

A talented songwriter, vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, MOLENTO crafts an immersive listening experience that blends the best elements of different genres. Through this merger of elements, she forms something unique that truly draws you into the movements of her music. Listening to this EP, you can clearly see why her music has already attracted the support of editorial playlists, BBC Introducing and multiple music publications.

The EP opens with the short ‘Ignis’ which steadily builds from the opening. There is a feeling of power that comes with the increase of vibrations that reverberate through the single. The slightly distorted vocals add a shard of light to the rising tones and catch your attention. Once they turn your gaze, they effortlessly continue to beckon you further into the EP. While this is a very short track, it is the perfect opening for the elemental sounds of the EP.

‘Our House Is On Fire’ has a rich depth to the sound that comes through the deep key notes and the light crackle of the background. There is an almost smoky feeling to the melody that makes you think of the biting smoke that comes from a wildfire. This feeling increases as the single progresses. Shining through the smoke are MOLENTO’s vocals that are rich and smooth. There is a slick slide to her performance that is enhanced by the deep beats that reach out later in the track. The lyrics are a poetic consideration of the dreadful rage of fire and the destructive power it can bring. There is something about this track that makes it even more poignant than you imagine and will send chills down your spine.

There is a lighter feeling to ‘Tripping Up’ that brings a shuffle of beats and deep droning beat to the soundscape. The contrasts of beauty and destruction in natural elements are brought to life through this song. The bright twinkles of the upper levels of the melody contrast the deep beats, yet work together to swirl into a beautiful picture. Threaded through this are the vocals that continue the rich smoothness of the last track. Through the lyrics, MOLTENO considers something that is going well that you seem to self-sabotage. It is a wonderful flow of thoughts and emotions that dance across your senses and leave a layer of rich contemplation in their wake.

‘Illuminate’ has a livelier feeling to the opening as the beats make you want to lightly bop to their rhythm. There is a hazy wash that hovers over the beats that the vocals slice through. Her vocals are rather otherworldly as they dance on ethereal wings. The solid message woven into the lyrics helps you feel the strength to get up after you fall or trip. As she dusts you off, she laces positivity into the soundscape giving you the boost you need to keep going. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the world or a single situation, this is the song you need to listen to in order to get the positive vibes you need. As you feel the strength of the lyrics, the music sweeps through you, making you want to close your eyes and give in to the current of sound.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Who’s Crazy’ which uses a warble of synths in the opening to catch you in the rhythm. The vocal performance has a darkness to it that is like the darkest thoughts that flit through our minds in the middle of the night. This is enhanced by the wash and click of the melody that slinks around you like inky tendrils. There is a touch of introspection in the lyrics that turn into a question on the chorus and a touch of inner strength. This track is a wonderful counter to anyone who tries to bring you down.

MOLTENO uses the contrasts of natural elements like fire to bring the contrasts of the world to life through the dreamy and rich tracks of Element 1. Each track has a different feeling to it, but the slick power of her vocals slides through all of them, linking them. These links take listeners on a journey through various emotions and situations.

Find out more about MOLTENO on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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