Queen Mars – S.E.X. (2021)

Through the sultry and heated tones of ‘S.E.X’, Queen Mars takes listeners on a mature exploration of hookup culture. Diving into an analysis of behaviour patterns, fabricated intimacy, emotional suppression and meaningless hookups, the single is much more than first meets the ear. Picking up the concept of still waters running deep, she shows how a night of seemingly meaningless fun can have a greater emotional impact than imagined.

This delve into the hidden depths is nothing new for Queen Mars as she explores complex human emotions and relationships through her music. Since releasing her debut EP last year, she has been experimenting with her sound while staying true to her roots. With a sultry blend of RnB and pop, this single leaves you deep in thought while riding the hot waves of seduction.

Queen Mars’ vocals open ‘S.E.X.’ with a sultry and seductive flow. Her voice is a satin ribbon that slides against your skin with a smoothness that is all heat and seduction. She effortlessly pulls you into the steamy movements of the track. There is a hidden power to her vocals like a mirror lake that hides vast depths. You can feel the power resting below the surface while her sultry vibes intoxicate your senses. Through all of this, the lyrics of the track dive into meaningless hookups and the release that many feel they find in them. Woven into this is a feeling that there is something more to these experiences.

While the vocals have you sinking into a sultry heat, the melody opens with a delicate piano line. This brings a slightly reflective vibe to the single before the chorus brings a shuffle of tones that dips into a deep beat. The depths of the beat twine with the vocals to enhance the heat of the track. Every melodic element is a wisp of steam and warmth that is silken in its movement against your skin.

Diving into an exploration of hookup culture, Queen Mars has you locked in the steamy flows of her sultry single ‘S.E.X.’. Every element of the single adds to the heat of the track while the vocals consider the emotional impact of seemingly meaningless hookups. It is a single that offers a greater depth than you first think and leaves you considering your own behaviours.

Find out more about Queen Mars on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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