Momoko Rose – Humans Weep (2020)

There are times when life can be overwhelming. This is the foundation of Momoko Rose’s introspective single ‘Humans Weep’ where she looks at being overwhelmed to the point of apathy. Through this viewpoint, she continues to navigate social constructs and the deep scarring caused by family trauma. These heavy emotions and topics are handled with a delicacy within the single’s soft beat and intricate synths.

A multi-disciplinary artist, Rose created this single using the Emerging Artists Grant she was awarded last year for Queenscliff Music Festival. The song does move away from her usual embellished tone as she incorporates feelings of apathy into the melody. If you are looking for a song that embodies the web of misery created by society and conflict, this is the one for you.

‘Humans Weep’ opens with a beat that could seem jarring were it not for Rose’s beautiful vocals. Her performance has an honesty to it that is drenched in a feeling of detachment from the world. The power of her voice shines through as the minimalistic melody creates a solid foundation for her performance to soar. Through her performance, she draws you into the introspective lyrics.

While the melody seems to be rather minimal, there are a few delicate layers working together. The deep beats create a depth that is overlaid with intricate synths. There are these light synth notes that flow over you while string tones hit you from the other side. This is a great interplay that mimics the different aspects of life knocking against you.

Momoko Rose uses an apathetic viewpoint for introspective considerations of society and trauma in ‘Humans Weep’. The single uses a range of melodic elements to create a deep yet minimalist melody allowing Rose’s vocals to shine. There is a wonderful eccentricity to the arrangement that makes the song a pleasure to listen to.

Find out more about Momoko Rose on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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