Jebs – Instant Précis (2020)

Are you looking for a song that offers 70s nostalgia with a distinctly French twist? ‘Instant Précis’ by Jebs might just be the track you want with nostalgic lyrics and a dark yet groovy vibe. Drawing on a range of stylistic influences, Jebs has added his own unique French twist for a vintage yet euphoric single.

While Jebs is an accomplished producer, this is his first single as a solo artist. Combining his production skills with a multi-lingual lyricism, he captivates the mind and sends your senses spiralling out into the ether. Filling you with a dizzying excitement, he gets you hooked to his sound and wanting more.

‘Instant Précis’ opens with catchy drums that pull you into the nostalgic vibe. The rolling elements of the melody continue this 70s nostalgic blast that is a lot of fun to listen to. There is a very vibrant flair to the melody that has you soaring with the music. The different layers of music combine to form the expansive space of the song while offering a sense of fun that has you smiling. As the song progresses, there is a thrumming thread in the melody that you can’t help but move your head to.

Jebs’ vocals are in French, but there is something about the lyricism that allows you to understand the message without knowing what the words themselves mean. His vocals offer a groovy vibe to the music and you just might find yourself chanting the chorus even if you don’t speak French. The fun vibes of the melody come through on the vocals as well to send you spiralling into the dizzying thrill of connections.

The accompanying official music video creates a visual representation of the swirling vibes of the song. There is a vintage feeling to the video as you are thrown back into French teens partying in the 1970s. Through this visual, you are drawn into the excitement and swirling decadence of the party scene. The music video really adds a little something extra to the song as it offers you a visual to fall into.

Jebs has you moving to his vintage vibes while transcending the language barrier with ‘Instant Précis’. The single has an infectious 70s vibe to the music while the vocals send you spiralling into the decadence of connections.

Find out more about Jebs on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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