Mongja – Drifting (2021)

Drawing inspiration from the sea, Mongja fills you with energy and hope through the sounds of ‘Drifting’. If you need a little help in a difficult time, this is the song that you need to listen to. With a touch of experimentation, they draw you into their chilled sound with a vibrancy that is unforgettable.

This light in dark times comes from Robbie Abbott (vocals, bass, trumpet, keyboards), Owen Mellett (vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Ryan Hosier (drums). After a long break from their previous group, the trio got together during lockdown last year and formed a bubble above a pub. There they started writing and recording a collection of tracks while crafting the sound of Mongja.

‘Drifting’ has a rather gentle energy in the opening that pulls you into some laidback vibes. You can hear the inspiration drawn from the sea in the melody as it laps against your senses like the waves of the ocean. There are moments of gentle stillness before the melodics tap against you like the rising tide. The build-up later in the single is like the rising tide as it creeps closer and closer to you. The instrumentation comes together artfully for a light touch of experimental taste wrapped around a more melodic rock vibe.

As the music laps against your ears, the vocals are like the mists that hang over the water in the early morning. There is a haziness to the vocals like they are coming from a great distance. This is a wonderful complement to the melody as it forms a solid layer or thread that you hold onto against the gentle current of the music. When the melody starts to build, the vocals gain power and shine with a greater brightness across the mists of the music. Through the performance, there is a sense of hope telling you that you can break through the darkness or mists that hang over your life.

Mongja combine experimental tones, laidback rock melodics and hazy vocals for the strangely uplifting single ‘Drifting’. As the melody laps against you like the waves of the sea, the vocals come through the mist to remind you that you can make it through the darkness of difficult times. Together, they join forces to lift you up with their unique sound.

Find out more about Mongja on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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