Moon Museum – Pleasures of Peace (2021)

Moon Museum are carefully combining melancholic dream-pop with nostalgia in their debut single ‘Pleasures of Peace’. With a desire to create a single that you can easily visualise in all its cinematic glory, the band wove their inspiration and unique sounds together. As an introduction to their music, they have really set the bar with heartfelt vocals and a touch of shoegaze.

The band consists of Ryan Joseph (vocals, guitar, keys), Olivia Barchard (vocals, guitar, keys), Ian Zazueta (lead guitar) and Aaron Hazen (drums). They started out as a collaboration between Zazueta and Joseph before they reached out to Barchard with early demos. As everything started to come together, they recruited their friend Hazen to finish off the line-up.

‘Pleasures of Peace’ hits your ears with a driving guitar line that has an edge of shoegaze to it. There is a richness to the melody that comes from the different layers that are artfully woven together. As you listen to the melody, you are filled with the colours of the music while sinking into the texture. On the chorus, the music sends you into the stratosphere with a powerful swell. There are some lush reverbs scattered through the melody that offers a slightly retro feeling that enhances the overall nostalgic vibe of the track.

Barchard’s vocals bring their own cinematic vibe to the song. Her voice slings an arm around your shoulders while leaning in to carry the conversation of the lyrics. This gives way to a soaring chorus where the imagery plays out across your eyelids. Her performance is packed with emotion that comes through powerfully on the chorus. There is a slide of regret in her voice that turns into a call for forgiveness and understanding.

Moon Museum wash you with nostalgic tones while inundating your senses with cinematic melancholy in their debut ‘Pleasures of Peace’. The melody is richly textured and bursting with warm colours before pushing you into the air. Barchard’s vocals bring a heavy emotional hit while turning the imagery of the lyrics into a movie playing out on your eyelids.

Find out more about Moon Museum on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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