narcissus – Lost Causes (2020)

When it comes to the Manchester-based narcissus the basic gist of things is that they formed about 15 years ago, then split up, but reunited a decade (give or take) later and began releasing original material. Like I said, that’s the basic and really short intro…now let’s delve in for some more information about narcissus.

Formed in the mid-2000s, narcissus is a Mancunian trio fusing elements of electronica with post-punk and alternative rock. Soon after forming, the group signed a publishing deal and performed at notable venues with their engaging and energetic gigging style. Their reputation and following were further bolstered with the debut single ‘The Window’ released via indie label Northern Ambition. Unfortunately, the publishing deal fell through and it led to a parting of ways.

Fast forward to the late-2010s and narcissus is back! Since signing with Manchester’s 42’s Records, the band has released several new tracks including the well-received ‘Burning Candles’. A new album is for release in 2021, but we are looking at the latest single ‘Lost Causes’.

Influenced by hip-hop artists Grandmaster Flash and Young MC, ‘Lost Causes’ is just under four minutes of addictive hip-hop meets post-punk. Delving into the dark and mysterious, Lee Mulvey (guitar and bass), Chris James (drums and percussion) and guest artist Donald Johnson (backing vocals and percussion) maintain a steady and intriguing sound. Add the bold vocals of Ben Guy ala New Order and you have a rather beguiling single.

So, what do I think of ‘Lost Causes’? When writing reviews, I tend to analyse all elements of the material, but feeling the music is probably more important. ‘Lost Causes’ sucks you into a narrow tunnel, reverberates through your mind and soul, then spits you out on the other end. Creepy, but I love it!

For more from narcissus check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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