Mountains Like Wax – Are You Changing? (2021)

Change is something that can be very frightening, but it can also lead to growth as a person which is beautiful. With their single ‘Are You Changing?’, Mountains Like Wax focus on this beauty while bringing the warmth of optimism to your ears. Tackling the fear that many of us have of change and weaving positivity around it, the duo hit an extremely relatable chord.

With their music standing as an anthem of understanding for the misunderstood, Mitchell Taylor (vocals, guitar) and Sam Katz (lead guitar) weave an irresistible web of indie-pop. After meeting in a coffee shop where Taylor worked, the two started writing together within weeks. The chemistry between their individual styles has crafted a sophisticated and polished sound that you can’t really get enough of.

‘Are You Changing?’ sweeps you up on glittering wings before freefalling on a swirl of rather epic guitars. There is a depth to the melody that sinks into your soul and hooks into your brain. The strumming that leads to a rise of guitars that has you soaring on the warm air currents are utter perfection. Through the melody, you dip into contemplation before rising to view the beauty that comes from the changes in the world. It is like reaching the summit of a mountain in time to catch the breaking rays of dawn. It is breathtaking in its organic beauty and fills every corner of your soul with positive light.

As you are filled with the warmth of the melody, Taylor’s vocals have an intimate feeling to them. Through the track, he considers how we grow as people over time and the understanding that comes with this. Woven into this rather deep side of the track is a look at the feeling of love fading and how this affects our outlook on life. The two layers of meaning to the lyrics have been perfectly combined for a movement that makes you want to shout out with the duo on the chorus. There is no way that you can listen to this track and not feel the slow blossoming of growth and happiness.

Mountains Like Wax have you soaring on warm thermals while considering the beauty of change and growth in ‘Are You Changing?’. The melody moves from dips of contemplation to a soaring on the bright energy of change. Through this, the vocals bring a layered message that is touching while extremely catchy.

Find out more about Mountains Like Wax on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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