Jiminil – Family Tree (2021)

With his debut single ‘Spider’, Jiminil had us intrigued with his blended sound bringing psychedelia to folk for an ensnaring of the senses. This fusion of sound continues in his single ‘Family Tree’ which delves into a gloomy story of a family in disarray. The neo-folk story puts the guitars in the forefront while the lyrics have the narrator speaking to each family member.

Using a hint of mystery and gothic tones, he effortlessly draws you into wondering what happened within the family. Bringing the modern world to gothic folk tales, the single leans on ambiguity to offer a different story to each listener. Featuring Cameron Worne (drums), Alice Robbins (cello), John Thompson (bass) and Fang Jr. (electric guitar), the track will have you wishing that Jiminil had a much larger back catalogue.

‘Family Tree’ draws you into the gothic tale through the creeping depths of the opening melody. The guitars tickle the back of your brain while the drums and bass swirl around your ankles like mist. Through the background, the cello mourning hums adding to the dark feeling of the music. While there is a clear gothic edge to the track, the melody swirls with a merger of tones. The neo-folk tone of the band slides into the gloom of the gothic rising. Each instrument so perfectly dances around and intertwines for a rather decadent melodic movement. There are moments of tension where your heart rate rises before everything dips back into the gloom.

Jiminil’s vocals are as rich and enthralling as the melody. His voice beckons you down the dark paths of the lyrics while questioning the different members of the family. The address feels like it has happened long after the event from an almost disembodied point of view. While the vocals are rich, there is a delicacy to them that slowly leads you to potentially knowing what happened in the family. The power of Jiminil’s vocals sends shivers through you as you are thoroughly lost in the world that he creates.

Jiminil combines modern neo-folk with decadent gothic tones to dive into the story of a family in disarray in ‘Family Tree’. The melody is a rich and decadent sound that swirls through your senses and has you sinking into the velveteen tones. Jiminil’s vocals add to the lush feeling of the single while delicately addressing each member of the family.

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