Mowesby – The Long and Lonely Wave (2022)

The solo act of multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Matt Sowersby, Mowesby’s sound lies somewhere between Pink Floyd and Radiohead. With mellow melodies and meaningful messages, the US-based artist has a way of ensnaring a person’s senses without any effort. Featured on Rising Artists Blog, Sinusoidal Music, Indie O’Clock, iHeart Radio and various playlists, Mowesby is reaching audiences on an international scale. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘The Long and Lonely Wave’.

Following his full-length album Go Forward (released in 2020), Mowesby blasts onto the scene with his track ‘The Long and Lonely Wave’. Described by Rising Artists Blog as “…simple yet striking, calm yet motivating…”, ‘The Long and Lonely Wave’ brings a profound poignancy to the fore in its soothing musical arrangement. Acoustic-inspired in a simplistic soundscape, the single touches your soul and allows you to soar through an almost palpable kaleidoscopic haze. The thing is, while there is a sense of fogginess in the ethereal ambience, the lyricism guides you through like a clear compass in the mist.

What I find intriguing about ‘The Long and Lonely Wave’ is how its evocative effect aligns expertly with the theme. Using a personal narrative and touching on his experiences with mental health, Mowesby connects with listeners looking for something to calm themselves. It is ‘The Long and Lonely Wave’ that not only takes a look at these emotional experiences but acts as a catharsis to deal with them. The melody lets you lie back and breathe deeply while Mowesby’s voice relaxes the body and mind. Eclectic and slightly obscure, the aural meditation can lift you away from all your problems.

In addition to the single, Mowesby has released an official music video for ‘The Long and Lonely Wave’. You can view the video below or on his YouTube Channel.

For more from Mowesby check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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