Musician of the Month: Saint Sapphire

Image courtesy of Saint Sapphire

Consider the situation: four Northern Irish lads from across that part of the UK come together to make music.  It’s not decided whether their music will make an impact on anything other than their ears, but pretty soon they’re considered a ‘tour de force’ by playing high-profile events across the country.  In fact, they are so influential in everyone’s lives that they are (according to their Facebook) underneath your bed!  Have you considered the situation, well now you know about Saint Sapphire.

Saint Sapphire is a four-piece indie punk…ish band stemming from Belfast, despite the members having their roots in other areas of Northern Ireland.  Maintaining a streetwise swagger, frontman Sam Morgan writes anthemic tracks along with lead guitarist Danny Martin, bassist Shea McAuley, and drummer Adam Walker.  Grasping inspiration from their experiences, Saint Sapphire use their frustration with bureaucracy to create the infectious songs we hear.

Gaining the attention of BBC Introducing, winning the Irish Daily‘s ‘Top Ten Bands for 2018’, gaining radio play in Dublin, and being placed on different playlists across the internet, these lads are set for stardom.  Hell, they even won our Rockball World Cup Tournament in July proving the mass of loyal followers!  Saint Sapphire is currently playing more dates in the UK, but do have requests to do an EU tour – can you imagine that?  Those sexy accents making it through the continent?

One of the most exciting features is Saint Sapphire’s recent release, ‘Hurricane’.  The new single was released in June and can be accessed via YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes.  You can also download Saint Sapphire’s 2017 EP, Saint Sapphire, via iTunes or Amazon.

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