Musician of the Month: The Yacht Club

Image credit to Simon Treasure

The Yacht Club began as a solo venture from Marcus Gooda as a type of catharsis writing songs for himself and no plans of taking it further. However, in 2013, the debut EP, A, was born and sold out within two months. After a two-year break of turning down bookings and tours, The Yacht Club raised its head and began life as a new alternative rock band. The mustiness of two years was released in the self-titled 2015 EP, but followed by a ‘back to basics’ EP, Fall, in 2016.

During 2017, the band released an acoustic and more intense version of the 2015 self-titled EP. However, things were to change in the months of 2018, and after several line-up alterations, the band has found a solid base with the addition of guitarist and co-lead vocalist Jack Holland.

After the release of a single, ‘Heigham Park’, in 2018 as a teaser for their long-awaited debut album; the boys are ready to release The Last Words That You Said To Me Kept Me Here And Safe on January 25th. The album will be released via Beth Shalom Records featuring Marcus Gooda on vocals and guitar, Jack Holland on vocals and guitar, Alex Bramwell on bass and backing vocals, and Alexander Esp on drums, keyboard and backing vocals.

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