Wood and Nails – Lights Out (2018)

Image courtesy of Wood and Nails

Wood and Nails is a punk band from Birmingham, United Kingdom.  In addition to punk, the band has an indie rock flare to their music.  Some of the band’s main influencers include The Gaslight Anthem, Oasis, Brand New and The Replacements.

Formed in 2015, the band consists of brothers Paul (lead vocals and guitar) and Steven Beaumont (bass), accompanied by friends, Steven Cook (lead guitar and vocals) and Will Jones (drums).  The band spent their first two years together touring with bands such as Gnarwolves, Spunge, Beach Slang, Boysetsfire and more.

Their most recent release is the single ‘Lights Out’, which was released on November 9th, 2018.  I really enjoyed this song.  The sound of the opening riffs and drums spark a punk/rock vibe from the very first beat.

“Children can’t forget this moment, there’s nothing I need here anymore…If you stay I will make it worth your way.  But I’ll pray that I can drink this all away.”

– Wood and Nails, ‘Lights Out’

To me, these lyrics mean that the artist is talking about being in a difficult relationship where you don’t know whether or not you should stay or go.  On the one hand, you love your partner so much that if they’re willing to try and stay and make things work you’ll make it worth their while.  However, children are a factor, and the fighting is so constant that they’re not able to forget or are aware it’s going on.  On the other hand, your relationship may be so far beyond repair that you’d rather drink your feelings away than be with someone who isn’t putting in the effort.

“Love means another day is calling it just gets harder to leave the door.”

Wood and Nails, ‘Lights Out’

No matter how bad things get, and the number of arguments or mistakes made, when you love someone it’s hard to leave them.

I highly recommend listening to Wood and Nails if you are a fan of punk, rock, indie or alternative music.  This band’s style is similar to The Gaslight Anthem, Led By Lanterns and Vertigo Violet.

In addition to ‘Lights Out’, Wood and Nails have also released an EP entitled The Night Before, as well as two singles, ‘Sorrow’ and ‘Resolutions’.  Both the EP and singles are now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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