My Fine Companions – One Day at a Time (2021)

The pandemic is something we have all had time to come to terms with, but that was not the case when My Fine Companions wrote their single ‘One Day at a Time’. Written during the first months of the pandemic, the single looks at coming to terms with life in lockdown. Reflective and sombre, it transcends the situation that caused its birth, while asking the questions we all had and bringing hope for brighter days to come.

As part of the band’s fourth album, the single introduces listeners to their indie-folk and Americana tones. Using a friendly tone, they create the feeling that you have known them forever, while inviting you to share a friendly drink. Bringing the fun they have while creating the music to their sound, they get you lost in a country-folk flow.

‘One Day at a Time’ strums into your ears with a rhythm that has you bopping to it. The twinkling tone adds some texture to the guitar-driven melody. The opening lines of the melody have a sombre vibe to it that is perfect for the topic of the track. It has a touch of desolation like the yawning chasm of unending dark days. There is an acoustic guitar riff that lightens the mood and lifts the corners of your mouth. This is when the mood of the music starts to change, as you start to feel that things could be better in the future.

As the music fills you with the endlessness that was the first lockdown, the vocals pick up the mood and connect with the dark emotions of the time. There is a dark growl to the performance that is amazing and just scratches that itch you never knew you had. When the chorus comes through, the lyrics bring a positive message that we are all in this together and just need to take things one day at a time. It is an uplifting message in the chorus that flows into the later verses and gives you a sense of hope for the future. If you need to be reminded that things will get better, this is definitely the single you need to listen to.

My Fine Companions use a sombre and reflective tone to bring the light of a brighter future to our ears with their single ‘One Day at a Time’. The guitar-driven music opens the track with the sombre feeling that slowly moves to hopeful for the future. The light growl of the vocals is wonderful, as the band acknowledges dark days and moves to hopefulness.

Find out more about My Fine Companions on their Instagram and Spotify.

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