Moon Walker – The Hollywood Machine (2021)

Moon Walker aren’t shy about hitting out at major issues in the world, having tackled narrow-mindedness with ‘Disturbed Suburbia’, and pleading with a side of snide commentary regarding the desire to turn back time in ‘Lights Burn Out’. Now they are setting their musical sights on the corruption and greed of the elite in the TV and film industry. Inspired by documentaries about child stars, ‘The Hollywood Machine’ uses electrifying instrumentation to hit at the heart of the topic, while expanding on their groovy blues-rock sound.

A musically eclectic band, Moon Walker never fails to impress with their versatility and youthful push at the wrongs of the world. Showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, they are have been releasing sonically diverse tracks and a rather epic album.

The deep bass vibrates through the opening of ‘The Hollywood Machine’ and meets progressive higher tones that warp with a touch of psychedelia. The guitar soars into the soundscape to firmly grab your hand and yank you into the track. There is a rather understated feeling to the melody, as it sinks to the background of the track. When it picks up on the chorus, the guitar brings some bluesy grooves that slice through your chest. While understated, the beats throughout the melody have your head bopping to the rhythm. Later in the track, there is a plucking tone that adds some more grooves to the single.

As the melody moves from groovy to understated and back again, the vocals shine with a touch of reverb. The vocal delivery is catchy and you are going to be grooving to them before you realise what has happened. While the enthralling vocals sink their hooks into you, the lyrics are doing some heavy-hitting. They take on the elites of the TV and film industry by pulling back the curtain and shining the light of judgement on them. The vocal performance is dynamic and brings different tones together with the ease that Moon Walker has become known for.

Moon Walker sets their sights on the entertainment industry with the groovy, yet hard-hitting tones of ‘The Hollywood Machine’. The music moves from seriously catchy and groovy, to understated and back again. Over this, the vocals grab your attention with their funky delivery, while the lyrics take an unapologetic swipe at the Hollywood elites.

Find out more about Moon Walker on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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