Scott & Maria – Home (2021)

The turbulence of the last year has left many people feeling adrift without an anchor or a beacon guiding them to a place of safety. Scott & Maria are here for these people with their single ‘Home’. Through the soulful folk acoustics, the duo reminds us that when we feel love, we have a home and place to safely weather any storm that life can throw at us.

Drawing inspiration from life on the English coast and the shared experience of 2020, they explore the safe haven that we all have if we are willing to look for it. Working with Vanessa Sanfilippo (piano) and Forbes Coleman (bass, electric guitar), they have released two versions of this single. One has full instrumentation while the other is a stripped-back piano version, but both capture the immersive soothing of the soul the band has to offer.

‘Home’ sends shivers racing down your spine from the tinglingly haunting vocal opening. Maria’s voice is soulful and ethereal as it skitters through your senses and tugs at your emotions. Through her performance, you feel something in your chest settle that you never knew was out of place. Scott brings a depth with his harmonisation that could easily bring a tear to the eye. As the song progresses, their voices rise in a rousing call that flies out into the soundscape and brings the dawning of safety and peace. The movement of their performance brings the image of a roiling sea to mind as you battle through the waves to reach a safe cove.

Their vocals are the star of the track, but that doesn’t mean the instrumentation is not as important. On the full instrumentation version of the single, the piano and guitar create the light glinting off the waters of the ocean and the winds that stir up a storm. While the vocals are rousing, it is the melody that gives them the extra push to enthral your senses and pull you under the duo’s spell. Every aspect of the single is utter perfection and works perfectly together to create an almost seafaring folk sound.

Scott & Maria send shivers down your spine with the battle and rousing call against the storm of life that is ‘Home’. The single grabs your spirit and connects with the struggles we all go through while leading us to a safe haven full of love and peace. Every note of the single adds to the stirring movement and tugs at your emotions. By the end of the single, you will be left feeling emotional yet at peace.

Find out more about Scott & Maria on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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