Mylo Bybee – Spit (2021)

The members of Mylo Bybee are playing from their heart and bring an unapologetic sound in ‘Spit’. Resonating with personal experience, the single brings their upbeat and catchy sound to your ears. This is tempered with something elusive that is artfully woven into their music making it instantly recognisable.

The intriguing sounds of the band come from Tyler Schlagenhauf (vocals, guitar), Wes Schlagenhauf (backing vocals, bass) and Koji Crill (drums). They came together as a band just before the pandemic hit but have not let this stop them. Pulling on a broad range of musical influences, they merge them to make something completely new.

‘Spit’ has an easy vibe in the opening that comes through on the guitar line. The music has you floating on the instrumentation while helping you breathe a bit easier. While the opening sets you drifting, the music takes a turn on the chorus for a more upbeat arrangement. This gently dips back to the more soothing tones of the opening while retaining the lighter vibes. It is a very interesting movement that enhances the vocals and the emotions of the lyrics.

Tyler Schalgenhauf’s vocals are as soothing as the opening melody. There is a charming and charismatic hook in his performance that sinks into your brain. On the chorus, his performance pulses with questions accompanied by the thrust of the music. He is able to pack a lot of emotion into his performance from a thread of pain in the opening to a burst of cautious questioning on the chorus. The emotions he infuses into each word makes the track highly relatable while the lyrics offer enough ambiguity to connect with a number of situations we have all found ourselves in.

Mylo Bybee have you drifting on their sound before thrusting you into upbeat yet cautious questioning in ‘Spit’. The music sweeps you up into the soundscape with the easy vibes of the opening only to enthral you with a more upbeat chorus. The vocals match this movement while bringing a heavy emotional hit with the somewhat ambiguous lyrics.

Find out more about Mylo Bybee on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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