NAIPIA – Bluestown (2021)

NAIPIA are back with their first release of the year ‘Bluestown’. Highlighting the past struggles of lead singer George Dewhurst, the track continues their message of it being okay to not be okay. With a heavy dose of self-reflection covered in poetic lyricism, the track considers downward spirals created by relationships that feed the bad parts of our being.

Together with Tom Dewhurst (drums) and Harry Dewhurst (bass), the cousins have had a string of successful releases. Combining rock and pop, they leave their melodies etched into your brain while filling you with the good vibes you need to carry on. With a hopeful feeling for the future, they help you work through your own issues while connecting on a deeper level.

‘Bluestown’ blasts out of the gates with an energetic guitar line bolstered by the drums. This initial burst of the melody dips for the verses that move to a more delicate tone. The melody bursts again on the chorus to get you moving to the rhythm before soaring along the guitar line. The ups and downs of life are reflected in the arrangement of the music that bursts on the chorus before easing on the verses. It is a very easy melody that you can ride and have a blast listening to.

The energy of the music boosts the vocals which have this relatable feeling to them. When George Dewhurst’s vocals enter, they slide against your ears with this smooth tenor that offers a raw honesty. As the music bursts on the chorus, his vocals follow with a call out over the hills. The lyrics continue the relatability of the track as they clearly paint a scene. However, as the single progresses, you realise that there is something darker resting in the lyrics. There is a line that is being walked between enjoying time together and going too far by pushing the worst parts of others. The single leaves you with a lot to think about in terms of your relationship with others.

NAIPIA get you hooked to their sound with the melody of ‘Bluestown’ while the vocals leave you with a lot to think about. The effortless ease of the music has you riding the guitars and soaring to the music. The energy of the music boosts the vocals that paint a picture of a knifes edge that could tip either way.

Find out more about NAIPIA on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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