Najuah – She Kept on Running (2020)

Canadian duo Najuah is here to sweep you off your feet with their debut single ‘She Kept on Running’. Telling the story of a woman who lives her life on her own terms, the single considers how following her heart leads her to good and bad experiences. Woven into the tale is the idea that loving someone can lead you down the wrong road and that you should sometimes pause and listen to advise.

Hanifa and Juliet are not new to the music scene as they have toured and opened for bands including Sloan, The New Cities and AFI. They have also worked with incredible musicians like Bill Bell, Gary Noble and Stephen Perkins. Now they are pushing the limits with their original music and leaving you wanting more.

‘She Kept on Running’ grabs your attention with a thumping beat and soaring guitar. The melody effortless drags you into the song before you know what has happened. The flow of the melody has your head moving to the beat while your body sways to the rhythm. There are soaring moments when the melody propels you into the powerful vocals. This perfectly matches the vocals and lyrics as you are pulled into the tale of the woman who lives her own life. There is an amazing guitar solo that you should look out for that is just perfect.

Over the engaging melody are some equally absorbing vocals. The vocals are powerful from the first moment and vividly paint the picture of the lyrics. While there is a sense of freedom within the performance, there is also a thread of warning and unease. The emotional power of the vocals crashes through you like a tsunami leaving you reeling from the impact. The chorus is extremely catchy and you are going to sing along before the song is over.

Najuah sweep you off your feet with the powerful vocals and a captivating melody in their debut single ‘She Kept on Running’. The utterly enthralling melody only makes the vocals pull you in harder for a pleasurable listening experience. This is easily a single that you can have on repeat and feel like you are getting down to for the first time each time you hear it.

Find out more about Najuah on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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