Naked Face – Coming Home (2021)

There are a lot of songs about toxic relationships but few delve into the human emotions of a relationship in hindsight. This is where Naked Face is different as this is exactly what they do with their latest single ‘Coming Home’. Through a retrospective soundscape, the band considers someone trapped in the past and trying to make sense of the emotions involved in a toxic relationship.

This retrospective look comes from Steve Slik (vocals, piano, guitar), Nathan Stone (drums), Rossco Davidson (bass) and Eddy Seagoon (vocals). As a follow up to their debut single, the song continues the pop-rock sound they blast through the airwaves. Brewing a potential combination of high-octane energy, catchy vibes and captivating music, the band will hook you to their sound with little effort.

‘Coming Home’ has a light wavering opening that brings a touch of groove to your ears. The piano line melds with the guitars and rolling drums for an irresistible hook. There is a wonderful layering to the melody with the instruments rolling over each other before hitting you with an almost funky feeling on the chorus. The beats have your feet tapping to them while the higher twinkling tones light grip your brain. The melody is all smooth movements and sliding flows that you get swept up in. Later on, the melody picks up for a real pop-rock blast of guitars before dipping back to the easy flows.

Over the engaging melody are equally captivating vocals. There is a sighing quality to the vocals as they remember a toxic relationship. As the melody has overlapping instrumentation, the vocals match with echoing harmonisations. When the melody picks up, the vocals keep pace with a burst of pop-rock sensibilities. The movement from this energetic blast to the almost soulful melodics of the verses is amazing and just highlights the musicality of the band.

Naked Face reflects on the emotions of a toxic relationship while trying to make sense of everything in ‘Coming Home’. While the single carries the energy of the band, there is an understated feeling to the rock power. With melodic vocals and an easy melody, the single captures your senses and has you swept up in the vibes.

Find out more about Naked Face on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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