Snowfish – Middle Name (2021)

Snowfish is rebelling with their new single ‘Middle Name’. With a splash of anarchy tempered by observation, the band calls out the false ideals of other people. Targeting the most judgmental people, they direct them to keep their opinions to themselves in the wake of limited perception. Using energetic guitar riffs and dynamic vocals, they find the light amid the growing darkness of struggling.

This pushing rebelling is also an ode to experimental rock drawing inspiration from My Chemical Romance, Muse and Radiohead. While their first single cemented their place in the Australian rock circuit, this single tells you why you need to keep an eye on them. With a smashing sound, the band has the potential to develop into a real rock heavyweight.

‘Middle Name’ grabs your attention with an energetic guitar that makes you want to bounce off the walls. The guitars slice through your skin to shake up your insides and really make you want to move to them whether to jump around or intensely air drum. As the melody continues, the band pumps energy into your veins. This is a rather uplifting energy that is all controlled chaos and subtle nudging to move away from caring what other people think. At times, the music dips only to shiver like a live wire as it gets your heart pounding.

As the melody gets you pumped, the vocals offer a sense of direction for all the energy you suddenly have. The really catchy lyrics have you yelling out with the band as you eschew the judgmental people in your life. There is also a thread of understanding woven into the vocals giving you a companion in standing outside societal norms. This song is best enjoyed at full volume in a place where you can just let go and give in to the irresistible vibes.

Snowfish hit out at the world with the energetic and infectious tones of ‘Middle Name’. A bombardment of energy, the single calls out judgemental people while letting you know that you are not alone standing against the tide of societal norms. Turning up the volume is recommended as you yell out with the band.

Find out more about Snowfish on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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