Simon Dinwiddy – City of Hope (2020)

After the implosion of UK-based group The Indicators, Simon Dinwiddy chose to pursue a solo career as an indie-rock artist. My word, am I glad he did! Hailing from Littleham in South Devon, the UK native weaves together engaging, lighthearted melodies with emotive, insightful lyrics. The latest addition to his growing discography is the single ‘City of Hope’.

Potentially one of the most Oasis-reminiscent artists I have come across in a while, Dinwiddy is almost a replica of Liam Gallagher with his gruff vocals and stellar English-inflexion. I’m not saying he is entirely like Liam Gallagher with a certain uniqueness about him, including some Pete Doherty in the mix; however, Dinwiddy could effortlessly join Oasis without any problem. This is potentially the most noticeable and striking feature of Dinwiddy’s music; but, it is not the only intriguing element.

Combining a jangly-pop guitar style, with an impressive guitar solo, ‘City of Hope’ is a cheerful track filled with casual buoyancy. Touching on elements of lust and escapism, the track has an airy and fanciful quality. Yet, while ‘City of Hope’ is easy on the ear capturing the essence of youthful carelessness, Dinwiddy adds a wistfulness with his charming, husky tone. I wouldn’t call the track robust with its “summer-time fun” feel, but there is a bold richness in its elegant execution.

For more from Simon Dinwiddy check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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